A&E build relationships with owners, subcontractors and project professionals, resulting in the success of projects.

General Construction


Dedication to service regardless of obstacles encountered


Integrity to go above and beyond our Clients’ expectations


Establishing the trust of our Clients

A&E has developed an outstanding reputation as a General Contracting firm. While working with Owners and Design Professionals, A&E always implements a team approach to our construction project strategy. The role of the General Contractor is comprehensive and involves consistent project management, extensive supervision, synergy of trades and review of materials and methods. This team strategy is essential to the formation of project initiatives, such as design, budget, scheduling and construction. The cohesion of these initiatives is paramount to the success of any project.

A&E has established and implemented numerous procedures to ensure the proper coordination of a project including maintaining extensive on-site records such as daily logs, schedules and manpower analysis; holding regularly scheduled project meetings with the Owner and Design Professionals; reviewing subcontractor staffing, submittals, materials and methods; and developing and implementing job-specific site safety plans. The team strategy and implementation of procedures allow us to reach our goal: A completed project that meets, and often exceeds, the objectives and expectations of the Owner.

Construction Management

Process Perfection

A&E approaches Construction Management with the same team philosophy and leadership that permeates the firm. We begin our Construction Management projects with early meetings with the Owner to develop a complete understanding of the project’s objectives and requirements, while finding the optimum balance between quality, cost and schedule. We then form a Project Leadership Team consisting of the Owner, Architect/Engineer and A&E. As the project moves forward, A&E provides comprehensive management and coordination of all project activities. This includes managing schedule milestones and key activities for the Architect/Engineers selected and contracted to the Owner.


In addition to the Project Leadership Team, the construction process also includes a Project Team consisting of design and engineering professionals, consultants, contractors and vendors. An individual member of the Project Team is generally responsible only for their area of discipline and often does not consider the project in its entirety. As Construction Manager A&E recognizes how each team member’s actions affect the entire project and the Owner’s objectives. It is this awareness that differentiates A&E from other firms.

Impact & Quality

As decisions are considered, A&E analyzes and presents to the Project Leadership Team to determine how changes or actions in one part of the project might influence other individual parts of the project, and the project overall. Our focus as Construction Manager is to provide the Owner with the highest quality project at the most reasonable cost, while completing the project on time.

Client Satification

A&E also offers practical field experience to assist in reaching the decisions concerning methods and materials without diverting efforts toward solutions that would be incompatible with the Owner’s objectives. We build positive working relationships between all Project Team members in order to preempt disputes, problems and conflicts that are often a part of the construction process. Through our experience and expertise, we guide Project Team members toward positive outlooks in order to ensure that the Project Team shares a common goal: A completed project that meets, and often exceeds, the objectives and expectations of the Owner.